The shocked Franco finally met Jacq while confused Isabelle met Gabriel. Jacq told Franco about Tessa’s lies. She wanted to get back her home. Franco apologized and promised to personally fix everything. Isabelle could not stop staring at Gabriel.

Gabriel decided to accept the invitation of Jacq’s neighbors to drink. He got drunk and met Jacq. He admitted his feelings and professed that he could noy live without her. He assured her that he loves only Jacq and told her that he was just using Natalia. He admitted that he just needs Natalia to have revenge against Franco but he also promised that he unexpectedly fell in love with Jacq.

Jacq fell speechless. She soon said that revenge is never an answer. Gab wanted justice but Jacq wanted him to choose between revenge and her love.

The Hidden Treasure on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 15 Episode: Worlds will Collide

Franco was angry at Tessa. Tessa professed her love for him, but he refused to stop loving Isabelle. He decided to keep in touch with Jacq because he believes that she would lead him to Isaballe.

Isabelle was shocked to know that it is Samuel’s son that her daughters were falling for. She wondered how could fate be that cruel. She discovered that Jacq met Franco and felt that something would soon unfold.

Jacq told her parents about Tessa. They warned her to stay away from Gabriel, but she still loves him deeply. Meanwhile, Gabriel told Lupe about the love he has but she could not fight for. He promised not protect all he loves and not to be like Samuel.

Natalia was angry about Gabriel being not available for her. She had been calling him all day and had became paranoid. She thinks that Jacq is lower than her and it is impossible to lose Gabriel over to her, but somehow she felt something aloft. Soon Gabriel was able to pick her up. She had grown jealous over Jacq which annoyed him so much.

Samuel and Calixto is finally in Salvacion. Calixto told him about his illegal job and Samuel got worried, but promised to solve their financial problems by getting the gold buried with Don Maximo.

Who would Gabriel choose? Would he pursue revenge or love for Jacq? Would Jacq see the real reason why Franco is helping here? What would Isabelle do if Franco sees her? What would Natalia do to keep Gabriel to herself? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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