Google unveils ‘Google Mo Lang’, an interactive game exclusive only in the Philippines. The game was introduced on September 24, Wednesday in its search engine.

The game is comprised by a series of funny interactive clips that features Filipino internet celebrities such as YouTube’s Mikey Bustos and Bogart the Explorer (MarcoHo). The game starts with a title ‘The Perfect Night’ with short clips of Manila sights as back drop. The game would then ask the player to choose either to stay in or go out since it is suppose to be 6pm and there is nothing to do.

The advancement of the game depends on your choice, if you choose to stay in, you would be met by Bogart and he would ask you to solve the puzzle. If you choose to go out, Mikey Bustos will welcome you with a car problem.

Google Unveils 'Google Mo Lang' an Interactive Game Exclusive only in Philippines

In each steps of the interactive game, you would not only choose between two decisions to go to the next clip, you would have to answer the question of the the game characters. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, you just have to Google it since the character would say, ‘Google Mo Lang’. This is to further show Filipinos what Google can do how can you use it in your everyday life. Also, the game aims to teach the user how to efficiently and maximize the use of Google while enjoying themselves as well. It is like an informative tutorial in a fun and exciting way.

In the game, you would also meet stars like the good looking chef and Anne Curtis’ beau Erwan Heusaff. Hangout with the band Sponge Cola and the young group and YouTube sensation Chicser. The game has 9 alternative ending and you would be free to explore each one as you discover the efficient way to use Google. References: marketing, google

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