Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 3, 2014 Episode Summary: Isabelle was not able to get the job in Natalia’s shop, but she finally me Jacq. She could not stop staring at Jacq’s face because her face really seemed familiar. She said that maybe it’s because her parents always tell stories about her. Isabelle felt easily close with her and wished she had a daughter like her. Jacq was shocked to know that Isabelle lost her memories. She also felt a warm connection with Isabelle.

Franco was wondering what’s wrong with him that nobody loves him. He could feel that Natalia’s changing her attitude towards him. Tessa said that she loves him for who he is. She is determined to stop the past from getting him away from her.

Gabriel now could not stop smiling every time he thinks of Jacq. He went to her shop to get his keys. She could not stop smiling at him, but then she hid it. He offered to go with Jacq, but he changed plans when Natalia called. Jacq said it’s okay but she seemed sad and disappointed.

Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 3, 2014 Episode Summary: Fate Will Intertwine

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On his date with Natalia, he could not stop talking about Jacq. She told him about her day but he could not stop thinking about Jacq. He had to make himself focus in his plans and make Natalia believe that he really loves her. Natalia was not ready to introduce Gab to Franco because she disobeyed her father for him.

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Jacq was always thinking of Gab but denies it to herself. Jacq sees Gab’s face in every guy’s face and felt like she was under an unknown spell casted by Gabriel. She could not sleep because of him. When he called her to asked about her meeting with Isabelle, she felt better and somehow she could not stop smiling and blushing. He told her that she makes his day brighter every time he feels down.

Tessa is now investigating Gabriel and Jacq, would she be able to connect them with Franco’s past? Would Jacq finally admit her feelings for Gabriel? Would Gabriel still pursue Natalia when evidently, even him knew it is Jacq he had always been thinking of?  Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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