Franco decided to look for Gabriel’s son. Tessa urged him to move on from the past, but he insisted to have his revenge. Tessa now knows that Jacq knew Gabriel, but she was still unsure what was their connection.

Jacq is trying to hide from Gabriel. She wants to deny to herself her budding love for him. She wants to run away from it, but Isabelle told her that such love can’t be changed. When Gab finally found her, he asked her about her health. She shooed him away again right after giving the keys. Her friend, who was present at that time, told her that she saw what happened and that she was certain she saw the spark. She told Jacq that Gabriel is ‘The One’. Her friend told her that Jacq could not even look him in the eyes. Jacq finally admitted her feelings.

Jacq said that her feelings were useless since Gabriel was dating someone. She’s scared to get hurt. Her friend advised her to tell him since nowadays girls can do that already, so someday she would not think what if she did.

Everything Changes on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 9 Episode

Jacq read the diary and discovered the writer’s hope that someday she would be together with her love. Jacq got inspired and decided to tell Gab about her feelings. Cindy told Natalia that she sensed that Jacq has feelings for Gabriel. Natalia said she was confident that Gabriel won’t fall for a girl like Jacq.

Gab thought that if only he was just another guy, then he could bravely take actions on his feelings for her. Gab’s friend told him that he seemed different when he is with Jacq. Natalia’s ex-fiance was looking for Gabriel. He knew that Gabriel was not up for good. He met Natalia to tell her what he knew, but she said that she already loves Gabriel, who suddenly came at her side. Natalia finally told him she loves him.

Gabriel could not help but feel that Lupe and Calixto were hiding something from him. Meanwhile Samuel wanted to continue looking for his son. He had a feeling that he would finally get together with his son. He heard them talking about Samuel and told them to stop bringing up his name.

Natalia and Gabriel finally are a couple, would he be willing to stay away from Jacq? What would Gabriel do when Jacq tells him about her feelings? What would Jacq do if she learns about Natalia and Gabriel? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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