The EDSA Viral Photo of the van used in the supposed kidnapping incident last week , caught in viral photo, in Mandaluyong was finally recovered. The van was a Toyota Hi-Ace and was retrieved in a police operation, according to a police source.

The arrest was confirmed to be related with the kidnapping shot with a photo by a witness that had been circulating since last week. It was also divulged that that arrested criminal is a policeman.

The police are still doing some operations to continue looking for the other suspects that are involved. The remaining suspects are also possibly policemen. On the other hand, the victim that was allegedly taken by force is now safe. It was reported that the still unnamed victim is a merchant.

EDSA Viral Photo, Van Recovered

The police is considering that robbery could be the motive of the whole operation as the merchant was discovered to have been in possession of large amount of money in his car. His vehicle was stopped along EDSA by the Toyota Fortuner, and other vehicles and possibly with a blue motorbike.

The rescue details were remained undisclosed by the officials, but they reported that there was no ransom involved with the recovery of the said kidnap victim.

As of the other vehicles used, they are still yet to be recovered. On the photo that had circulated in Facebook and other social medias, it can be seen that there were several cars around the merchant’s car. The police believe that there was a motorcycle involved.

Some witnessed said that the incident happened in just a few minutes. The victim was forced at gunpoint to go with them. The back window of the Fortuner was broken by the unidentified armed men. The whole incident was taken in a photo by a witness and uploaded it. Reference: abs-cbnnewsinteraksyongmanetwork

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