Parents and godparents of baptized babies were shocked as the priest used indecent words and walked out during the christening ceremony. Mark Prianes, one of the godfathers, vented out his frustrations on Facebook about the said incident that took place in EDSA Shrine at 3:30 pm, August 31.

According to the witnesses, the priest got angry when he deemed that the parents and godparents were not raising their voices high enough to say ‘AMEN’. In the witnesses opinion, they did as they were told, but the priest proceeded to say inappropriate words and also said that he wished the babies would not grow as stubborn as them.

EDSA Shrine Parish Christening Issue with Alleged Rude Priest

When Mark Prianes’ godson’s turn to be baptized, the priest was still unhappy about the Amens of the participants. He walked out and left the ceremony with a parish full of confused people. Mr. Prianes said that he tried to ask the assistant of the priest if the ceremony will be finished and he felt humiliated when he was shouted upon. The priest soon came back to finish the christening in a hurried manner.

In Michael Lacsamana’s opinion, his son’s christening seemed to have lost its solemnity and many were suggesting to him to have another one.

The Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Nilo Mangussad asked for forgiveness in place of the still unknown priest. The Archdiocesan Office said in their statement, that the priest is on retreat and accepted the fraternal corrections.

Most Filipino Catholics look up at the priest as their examples, and this incident made them disappointed. However, no matter how holy they seemed to be, people must not also forget that they are still people with weakness, emotions, stress and burdens. It is only unfortunate that the priest’s frustrations were shown in a ceremony. References: gmanetworkxolxol, facebook

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