After denying Mark Cohen and his golden retriever “Happy” entrance to the Robinson’s Dumaguete, they were finally given their right to enter the establishment. The issue recently went viral when Mark Cohen voiced out his concern and experience online.

Mr. Cohen is a certified Person With Disability and the Director of the International Institute of Assistance Dog Training. Last August 17 and 27, he tried to get inside the Robinson’s Dumaguete with his certified trained dog, but the guard stopped him. According to him, he did not want to ask for money or anything, he just wants to raise awareness about our laws that helps the PWD’s to live a life of daily living like any normal person.

Update: Dumaguete Robinsons Now Allowed Mark Cohen and His Dog Happy to Enter the Mall

The persons with disabilities are those not only confined in a wheelchair, with a cane or hearing aids, they could have medical conditions such as parkinsonism and epilepsy. Some of them needs dogs to mitigate their illness and help them live a normal life. The ability to use public transportation and go inside the malls are also their rights and gives them against discrimination.

The management held firmly to their policy of no pet allowed in the establishment. they claimed that they offered other options to Mr. Cohen such as free access of wifi and the assistance of a nurse provided that he leaves his dog outside, but these were denied.
Update: Dumaguete Robinsons Now Allowed Mark Cohen and His Dog Happy to Enter the Mall

On September 1, Monday, Mr. Cohen was invited by the management and greeted by Mary Grace Lim. Together with his dog, he and the management reached an agreement. Mr. Cohen expressed his satisfaction by the management’s action by presenting them a Good Citizen Award certificate for Being Friendly to People with a Disability. This incident had been a way to open the minds of people about the rights of the people with disability. References: Facebookworldfactsnews

New: Mark Cohen again Denied Entrance in Lee Super Plaza Mall Resulted to His Injury.

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