Teen King Daniel Padilla was drafted to play for AMA Titans as the upcoming 2014 PBA D-League  opens on October 27th. AMA University is the only team that did not pass the 15th round of the draft and picked Padilla to everyone’s surprise.

The drafting of the teen actor-singer is legit. He is currently enrolled as an I.T. first year student in the AMA Computer University and though he did not apply for the draft, AMA still picked him as one of their players in the protected that could join the game anytime.

Eric Castro, the Tournament Director, confirmed the eligibility of Daniel Padilla to join the team. And to enlighten any doubts if is was only a mistaken identity, that it was another person chanced to have the same full name, Castro said that it is indeed the young star.

Daniel Padilla was Drafted to play for AMA Titans on the Upcoming 2014 PBA D-League

Head coach of AMA, Mark Herrera, informed that the 19 year old freshman has a contract that involves him into playing in any team formed by the school. He ensured that the ABS-CBN management who has a standing contract with Padilla will be informed. They are now in communication with his mom and his agent.

The coach insisted that picking heartthrob is neither out of whim nor for promotional purposes. He explained that Padilla has the game in him, he has the height and speed. He said that Padilla deserves to be in the team and noy for hype.
AMA Titans is one of the 12 basketball teams who would be a part of the first PBA D-League 7th season Conference.

With the initial statement from his talent management, Star Magic, it says that Padilla decided not to accept the AMA’s decision, however, the Teen King is yet to have an interview to settle the matter. Reference: abs-cbnnews

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