Mixed reaction had down poured on allegedly Daniel Padilla’s audio recording of him talking about the couple Sam Conception and girlfriend Jasmine Curtis-Smith. While fans still tried to show support, some people are convinced that it was really the Teen King.

The voice seemed to have the same tone and way of speech as Daniel Padilla. The voice talked about a smelly guy wearing a leather jacket and seemed to have an image of Green Day band member Billy Armstrong. People are now thinking that the guy described is Sam Conception. Then the voice talked about a girl, who some people interpreted as Smith, texting him. He expressed his excitement when the girl texted she is free to meet him up. Some seemed to think that Padilla is courting Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

The conversation seemed to be between Padilla and his friends. Furthermore, people condemned the cursings in the said audio that was secretly recorded. Most fans think that this is a serious case of trying to tarnish their idol’s image.

Daniel Padilla’s Alleged Audio Recording Talking about Sam Conception and Jasmine Curtis-Smith

When interviewed about the issue by entertainment show, The Buzz, Daniel just told those who wanted to tarnish his image to keep up. In the said footage of the interview, Padilla was holding the hand of his teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo. He also posted in his Twitter account his appreciation to his fans and their unending support. He said that his fans are the reason why he and his family now have a good life.

Below was the Video of said Daniel Padilla's Alleged Audio Recording

In ‘The BUZZ’ segment POV (Points.Opinion.Violent Reaction), host Boy Abunda sited that the alleged secret recording of Daniel’s conversation with his friends is a serious case of betrayal. While this is against the anti-wire tapping law, in the host’s opinion, lessons could be learned in this case. As said by actress-host Toni Gonzaga, she had now became conscious on how she talked with her sister in the dressing room. She also warned her sister, Alex Gonzaga, about having conversations in the presence of others. She further said that words are like boomerangs that could comeback.

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