Boy Abunda, King of Talk, finally revealed his health condition as the real reason why he rested from his talks shows ‘Aquino And Abunda Tonight’and ‘The Buzz’. He broke his silence and disclosed that he had liver abscess.

In the exclusive video shown in The Buzz, he divulge that he was not surprised that people were curious about his health and hospitalization. He shared his experience on how he unknowingly convulsed. His nurses told him that has was biting his tongue and lips that caused them to bleed.

He had undergone medical tests to identify his health problem. Finally he was diagnosed of having liver abscess. The 300ml abscess was aspirated through a big and long needle that was guided by an ultrasound as it went through his ribcage as he described it.

Boy Abunda Reveals Having Liver Abscess and Talks about False Stories About His Death [Video]

He said that he was in great pain as each blood extraction and test was done. He felt that he had an intimate experience with God and realized that despite having his loved ones around him, in the end he has nothing but only God. The doctor told him that this is one way of God and his body to tell him that he could not do everything. He admitted his hospitalization until August 23 was a humbling experience.

His bosses in ABS-CBN gave him time to have a vacation and recover. Though there are some hoax stories about his death, he said that these are not new to him. He had sincerely forgiven those who had made the malicious stories about his deaths.

He said that he will recover for his mother and not let her bury her own son. He promised to be back in the television as soon he is well recovered and it might be on Sunday, September 12, 2014. References: abs-cbnnews, youtube

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