Bench Apparel company apologized about the 'Offensive Elements' of The Naked Truth Fashion Show which happened last September 20, 2014. The public apology was posted on their official Facebook page.

The issue were raised by Gabriela and other bloggers saying that the segment in the show that featured actor Coco Martin walking on the runway with a woman on a leash was implied as Dehumanizing Portrayal of Women. Former representative of Gabriela and one or the authors of RA 9710 (Magna Carta of Women), Liza Maza posted her reactions of her Facebook account that was immediately shared and spread all over the various social medias. The Gabriela partylist decided to file a resolution on the House of Representative to start an investigation about the issues on Bench and the recent photos about a ‘rape’ shirt that is now circulating online and generating comments of outrage in social medias.

Bench Apologized About the 'Offensive Elements' of The Naked Truth Fashion Show

The Bench company released a statement on its official Facebook page, acknowledging the criticism and saying that the incident will serve as a lesson for the company in the future..
"We at Bench shall continue to uphold the dignity of women and our commitment will remain so,"

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