A 15 year old boy from Bacolod is suspected to have died due to hazing activities on September 1. 2014. His family thought at first that he only had fever, but soon he vomited blood that prompted them to rush him to the hospital.

They were surprised to discover his back, legs and arm to be full of bruises. There was also a stab of an ice pick at his back. The parents said that they had no idea that their son has been involved in a group that possibly caused his injuries and finally his death on Monday.

Another Hazing Victim dated September 1, 2014: 15 year old Boy from Bacolod

The final diagnosis of his doctor was death due to septic shock. It is a medical condition of severe infection that causes inflammation in the whole body.

According to his family, before his untimely death, the teenager still tried to tell them something, but failed to voice it out. He was only able to make a hand gesture of what seemed to be a fraternity sign.

Last June, Guillo Ceasar Servando died of hazing injuries during the initiation rites of Tau Gamma Phi. The fraternity’s leaders denied knowledge of the initiation. Later, a CCTV footage was retrieved and it shows the last moments of the De La Salle- College of St. Benilde sophomore students. The said CCTV was installed in the 29th floor of One Archer’s Place. Soon, 20 members of the fraternity was invited by the authority.

Philippines government does not support hazing and has an anti-hazing law, but despite this there are still cases of hazing victims that were not solved until today. Reference: abs-cbn

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