ALCATEL ONETOUCH unveils the IDOL ALPHA, the latest mobile in the IDOL series. Alcatel takes prides of their change in design that could now be both formal and casual, fit for the needs of an active and multitasking society.

Nowadays, people look for something new and out of ordinary, that’s what IDOL ALPHA is all about. While is does have a metal case as some phones do, this mobile device steps forward with curves and translucent edges. The translucent edges gives powers to the owner to know or check notifications, charging status, and more. This innovation also illuminates during a video watching session. It is anticipated as one of the coolest mobile device this year.

Alcatel OneTouch Unveils the IDOL ALPHA
SRP: 12,999php
Expected to be in a metal frame, the mobile phone carefully set in a 7.5mm thin body of aluminum metal frame with a unique finish. The 4.7” edge-to-edge HD IPS makes the illusion of a floating lens that gives this revolutionary phone a step ahead from the other smartphones.
Alcatel OneTouch Unveils the IDOL ALPHA

IDOL ALPHA takes a leap from the norms of cellphone shapes and feel. It takes the IDOL family into the next part of tech evolution taking people by surprise with its unique style, design and creativity.

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