Calixto does not approve that Samuel would meet Gabriel already, he wanted to explain first to Gabriel. Samuel agreed with this since he was not able to save his son from misery. He plans to go back to Salvacion and get something that would help him have his revenge.

Jacq’s friend told her that Gabriel might have feelings for Jacq. Gabriel came over to say sorry. He said he hit james to protect her. He said she is very important for her. She was still angry and told him to forget their memories.

Gabriel then went on date with Natalia. She got irritated and said that Jacq is an embarrassing person to be with. She was not in the same level with her. She urged him to stay away from Jacq. He seemed annoyed by her words.

Gabriel prayed about his feelings. He realized that he could not let go of his feelings for Jacq. He came by her house and her parents hold him to get the motorbike he gave Jacq. He was confused and went to find her. He found her at the park and asked her why was she avoiding him. She finally said her feelings for him but she was scared to get hurt. He chased after her and also admitted his feelings for her.

Connected by Chances Happens on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 12 Episode

Jacq even got angry at him since he is now in a relationship with Natalia. She told him to stop his feelings because she won’t settle as a second choice. She went away and cried. Gabriel told Calixto about his feelings but his father image told him that the love he has will ruin their revenge.

Jacq retured her motorbike to Gabriel as a sign of ending everything between them. While watching TV with Isabelle, Jacq saw Franco and Tessa together in a national news program. She got confused when she remembered who Tessa said she was.

Tessa secretly asked Jacq’s landlady to kickout their family, fortunately, Jacq saw them, making her curious.she thought that Natalia might bring something bad in their lives and decided to really stay away from Gabriel. Jacq’s landlady eventually kicked them out and almost threw their things out. The entire family moved in with Isabelle.

Soon Jacq realized why they were homeless and went to confront Tessa. What would Franco do now that he saw Isabelle’s face in Jacq?

Gabriel went looking for Jacq and Isabelle saw Samuel’s face once again. What would Isabelle do now that she knows that it is Samuel’s son that made her daughters hate each other.

Who would Gabriel choose? Would Natalia hold on Gabriel? Would Jacq be able to control her heart? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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