Isabelle was wondering why did her daughters had to fall for the same guy. Gabriel wonders about Jacq’s new attitude towards him. His coworker noticed that he seemed to be falling for Jacq but it was Natalia who Gabriel is professing his love to.

James, Natalia’s ex, came back to Jacq’s shop. He wanted to go out and eat fishball with Jacq. Gab saw them as James tried to wipe something off of Jacq’s face. Gabriel hit James and they had a fight. Jacq got angry at him because she knew what she was doing. She said that they are not related in any way, but Gabriel admitted to himself that he really loves Jacq, unfortunately he could not court her. Gabriel wanted to protect Jacq from James. He knew she would get hurt.

Franco learned about Jacq and he got angry that Tessa did not tell him sooner. He wanted to see Jacq himself so Tessa took him to Jacq’s house. Franco saw Jacq’s friend and thought he was seeing the right girl, which made him conclude that Jacq did not look like Isabelle. Franco became more determined to find Isabelle in hope to make hi family whole again. Tessa is determined to keep Jacq away from him.

Faith will Judge on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 11 Episode

Isabelle was thinking about her experience. She could remember everything. She knew Jacq was her daughter and she went to Manila just for her. She could not stop being sad knowing that her daughters were loving the same man. She can’t tell Jacq the truth to save her from Franco. She also does not want to take away Jacq from her known parents since they seemed happy and contented together.

Lupe was at the market again to look for Samuel. They finally met and hugged each other. Samuel told her his story and asked about his son. He seemed hopeful to be with his son. They both hoped that Gabriel was really able to moved on.

Would Isabelle have a chance to meet Gabriel and see Samuel’s face through him again? Would Franco finally see Jacq and have more hope in finding Isabelle? Would Jacq admit her feelings to Gabriel despite the pain? Would Gabriel be willing to let go of his plans he worked hard for just to follow his heart? Would Natalia back down and just let Jacq get closer with Gabriel?  Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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