Gabriel finally found out that Jacq is Franco’s daughter. He admitted to Samuel that Jacq is the first woman he had loved but this did not stop him from continuing his plan. He thought that Jacq’s real name changed everything that had happened between them.

Jacq is visited by her best friend. She said that she feels nervous about meeting Natalia and Gabriel. She wanted to meet him. They met in the park but Gabriel does not seem the same. She said that she never wanted anything of her new life. Gabriel said that his plans will continue and said that their love for each other would never lead them to anything.

Jacq said that Franco seemed good but Gabriel warned her that it is not the case. He told her to forget everything about their love because she is now Andrea Hidalgo, and this broke her heart. Natalia is back and she is still angry about Jacq loving Gabriel and she does not care if they are sisters. She vowed that Jacq would regret the day they met. She got angry seeing Jacq’s things in her room and said she was not born to share anything with her.

Ikaw Lamang September 30 Episode Summary: All Would Finally Know

An angry Natalia finally met Jacq face to face. The older sister loathed her and promised to make Jacq’s new life a living hell as she thought that Jacq had taken everything away from her. Natalia could not accept the fact that they are sisters but pretended the opposite in the eyes of Franco.

Gabriel told Samuel that he finally ended his relationship with Jacq because he did not want to be like his dad choosing the wrong girl and ended up ruining his entire life. It love that made his life miserable.

Natalia and Tessa teamed up against Jacq and her parents. Natalia and Tessa insisted that Jacq should learn how to use different utensils while her parents said that knowing the use of each utensils is worthless compared to good character.

Isabelle is also getting ready for Jacq’s party and she does not care if Franco would see her. She sneaked into the party.

Would Gabriel’s mind win over his heart? Would Franco finally see Isabelle? How would the story turn if Jacq and Natalia learn who Isabelle really is? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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