While camping in a car, and waiting for Franco’s auditor, they grew bored and then Gabriel asked Samuel about his life. Samuel said that he has a family and he would get them back soon. The old man then asked Gabriel about settling down. Gabriel said that he does not plan to love. He believed that love would just make his life miserable just like what it did to his father’s. He said that his father’s love for Franco’s wife is the reason that his mother died and his whole family were killed by Franco.

Franco told Tessa to treat the Sanggalang well for Jacq to trust him more. Meanwhile, Jacq is staying in Natalia’s room. Cindy told her not to just touch anything. She told her not to be too much comfortable because Natalia will be back.

Jacq asked about her mother. Franco showed her Isabelle’s younger picture. He said that she is the only woman that he had loved. Jacq asked about Natalia’s story that Isabelle went away with another man. He admitted that it was not Isabelle’s fault. He tried to brainwash her mind by lies. He said that a guy wanted to get Isabelle, his family and his wealth. He tried ti imply that the man is the reason why their family got broken.

Ikaw Lamang September 29 Episode Summary: Holding On to Chances

Gabriel said that he loved his mother well. He thought that he is the reason why his mother died. He then asked Samuel about their next plan. They are now going to get Franco’s lawyer and they knew it won’t be easy. They need to plan their step well.

Jacq took out Isabelle’s diary growing more confuse than ever. She wanted to know if it is Franco that Isabelle says she loves so much or it is another guy. She wondered if their mom was really a bad woman or there was still another story and why is Gabriel saying a whole different story.

Jacq thanked Franco for everything and she said it is more important to know each other. Her parents seemed to cringe more everytime Franco talks about giving her everything that they were unable to give. He even planned to have a party to introduce her to the society. The Hidalgo’s invited Isabelle to the party. Natalia is back.

What is Natalia planning?  How would Gabriel deal with the fact that the women he loves is part of the family he vowed to destroy? What would Jacq do if Natalia comes full of hatred? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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