Esther woke up discovering that Jacq was gone and she cried so hard, then Jacq came back promising that they would always be a family but she also wanted to know her real family. Isabelle came to their house and learned that Jacq already knew about her family. Isabelle was so shock and scared to know that Jacq even wanted to be close with Franco. She tried to convince the couple to fight for their daughter.

Isabelle talked to Jacq about her feelings. She still felt as if she was in a dream. Isabelle wanted to convince the younger woman not to be close with Franco but Jacq already made up her mind. Suddenly, Franco came into the house looking for her while Isabelle had barely no time to hide. Franco asked for Jacq’s decision. Jacq wanted to take her adoptive parents with her to Franco’s house.

Though Tessa was against it, Franco agreed with her condition. Tessa also insisted that they should all call her Andrea. Jacq was still scared to part of Franco’s family since it could mean losing Gabriel. They now plan to get into Franco’s accountant to get more evidence.

Ikaw Lamang September 26 Episode Summary: Clash Begins

Franco’s spies finally found where Gabriel’s family was confined. Gabriel was so scared that he immediately took his family out of the hospital to Samuel’s house not knowing that Franco also knows that place. Samuel was happy enough to be with Gabriel but he knew his son still harbors misgivings for him as his father.

Samuel planned to systematically find Franco’s crimes but Gabriel insisted to play dirty since Franco controls even the government. Meanwhile, Jacq was getting ready to move and Isabelle was scared for her since Franco was a bad father to her when she was a child. She wanted so bad to keep Jacq away from her father since Franco treats his loved ones as properties.

Tessa wanted to call Natalia to tell her what had happened but Natalia did not want to talk to anyone hoping to be stronger to be able to avenge herself. When Natalia finally answered Tessa’s phone call, she learned that the girl she thought as a piece of trash is actually her sister. Her father’s Chief of Staff warned her to come home before she loses her father too.

Is Gabriel’s love for Jacq not enough for him to forget his vengeance against Franco? What would Gabriel do if he learns that Manong is his father? What would Natalia do once she comes back home? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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