Franco showed the result of DNA test to Jacq. Her parents were shocked and devastated to confirm the truth to her. She was confuse hearing her parents ask for forgiveness. Franco called Jacq as Andrea and then she asked how he had found her. It was evident that she had a identical face of her mom. Jacq was angry that her parents hid the truth from her.

Gabriel was worried about Lupe and he did not know that Franco is unto his family. Lupe told him how much she loved him as her son and wished that all his dreams would come true.

Jacq learned that Natalia is her older sister. She was shocked to know this since she did not feel any connection with her. The senator threatened that he would put her known parents to jail but Jacq promised to live in his house if he would let them go. She asked for some time to think things over and stay with the couple that she had thought were her real parents.

Ikaw Lamang September 25 Episode Summary: The World Gets Smaller

Samuel told Gabriel not to stop dreaming but the younger man said that he would only start dreaming again after he takes his revenge. The old man suggested him to read books and study again.

Franco aims to get Jacq’s trust and eventually Isabelle herself. Jacq was disheartened by the fact that though she grew up filled with love, her parents kept her away from her family. The old couple as for forgiveness again and told her that they had in fact looked for her real parents. She is confuse on what she would do or believe. Her parents even have birth certificates and other documents. They told her that they used to have a daughter who died and they felt that her presence was in exchange for her lost child.

Franco started drinking alcohol because he was regretting the days when he pushed away Andrea and thought that she was Samuel’s child. He would do anything to make up for Jacq. Meanwhile, he also told his spies to burn Gabriel’s house. Gabriel wanted to go and kill Franco but Samuel asked him to keep his cool.

How would Jacq now Protect Gabriel if she would live under Franco’s roof? What would Gabriel do now that his family had been in danger/ Would Franco finally see Isabelle? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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