Franco wanted to find Gabriel and knew that Jacq might just be the way to find him. Gabriel warned Calixto that Franco might be unto them but the senator had already discovered their house. He vowed to make Gabriel’s life miserable. Lupe knew something bad might happen to her family.

Isabelle told Jacq that it would be better to move away with her parents for her future. Isabelle gave her money to Jacq’s parents to protect them from Franco. She did not want her daughter to suffer again.

Jacq could not stop thinking about Jacq and Isabelle’s advice. She wished to understand her fate, but she also wanted to know what would she do. Everyone seemed to be right to stay away from Gabriel but her heart is having a hard time to decide. The next day, she promised her parents to move away with them. They proceeded to pack their things and say goodbye to Isabelle and their other friends.

Ikaw Lamang September 24 Episode Summary: Love or Revenge

As soon as Jacq’s family left, Franco came to chase after them. Isabelle barely had time to hide from him. The Sanggalang family stopped by a church to pray but Franco got there in time to tell Jacq about her true identity. He could not stop himself from hugging her.

Samuel asked Gabriel if he had fallen in love. Gabriel said that love is a weakness and would stop his plans. Samuel dis agreed and said that love can also be an inspiration. Gabriel told Samuel how Franco ruined his life and he did not care who would get hurt just to avenge his family. He regretted accusing Isabelle having a child with Samuel.

The DNA result finally came out and Franco was shocked to learn that Jacq/Andrea is his daughter indeed. He thought of the times when he had poured his anger at Andrea when she was little because he thought she was Samuel’s child.

Franco’s guards finally learned where Samuel and Gabriel were hiding. He wanted to get Gabriel alive. Lupe and Calixto went to that house. Gabriel shared his thought that he feels close with their boss but he his still oblivious that it was really his father.

What would Jacq do now that she knows she belonged to the family that Gabriel abhors? What would Gabriel do when he discovers that the woman he loves is Franco’s daughter? What would happen when Franco sees Isabelle? Had the past finally caught up with the present? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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