Natalia was shocked to know who Gabriel’s father was. Franco tried to change her mind by reminding her how Isabelle left them. He knew that Gabriel has a plan against him through her. Natalia argued that Gabriel loved her more than their past. Natalia wanted to confirm the truth with Gabriel.

Jacq told Isabelle that she needed to see Gabriel to warn him and be sure that he is safe. Isabelle could not persuade Jacq to stay away from him. She went to Gabriel’s condo but he tried to push him away and convince her to forget him. She wanted to be with him and she could feel that Gabriel also love her. Unfortunately, Natalia heard her. Gabriel said he loved Natalia right in front of Jacq. Jacq could not stop crying as her heart breaks hearing Gabriel professing love to another woman. Natalia slapped him and went home.

Natalia cried hard which made Franco more furious. She was hurt and decided to take revenge against Gabriel and Jacq, but for a while she left the country. Meanwhile, Franco planned to make Gabriel’s life miserable.

Ikaw Lamang September 23 Episode Summary: Fight Fires Up

Jacq knew Gabriel loves her, and though it hurts, she decided to help and fight for Gabriel. She understood that Gabriel’s priority is his revenge. Jacq told Franco that he should limit his visitations, but he wanted details about Gabriel. Isabelle wanted Jacq to stay away from Gabriel but the girl won’t listen. She told Gabriel to see her.

Jacq’s parents confronted Franco. They wanted him to stay away from their daughter, but he stood his ground and wanted them to tell him their secret. They were scared of him and they soon met Isabelle to ask for her help to get away from the senator. Jacq did not approved of moving away. She wanted to stay near Gabriel. Meanwhile, Gabriel discovered that someone is following Jacq.

Jacq met Gabriel and told him that she wanted to help. He tried to keep her away and told her that he did not wat to see her again. Franco’s spy heard their conversation. Gabriel decided to continue his plans with the help of Samuel and Calixto and he does not care who would get hurt.

What would Franco do if he learns the truth that Jacq is really his daughter? Did Gabriel really meant that he didn’t care who would get hurt as long as he could avenge his family? Would Jacq really fight for her love? When would Natalia comeback? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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