Franco was surprised to know Gabriel. Gabriel pretended that he did not know the senator and told him that his sincerity for Natalia is genuine. Franco told him that it is impossible for him to just forget everything. Natalia thought that her dad was just being over protective and she was so happy.

Calixto tried to find an evidence in Franco’s office. Franco saw him and called for security. There had been a commotion and Gabriel took the chance to pretend that he is protecting Natalia. Franco caught Natalia and Gabriel kissing each other and confronted him that he has something to do with Calixto right in front of his daughter, but she tried to persuade him to let her boy friend off his speculations. Franco seemed to go crazy about Gabriel’s look that is very identical with Samuel. He was desperate to know Gabriel’s plans. He is scared that Natalia might know his hidden secrets.

Samuel gave a wristwatch to Gabriel for his birthday. Gabriel forgot that it was also his birthday. The older man said that the wristwatch symbolizes time as the best gift a person could ever give to a loved one. Jacq could not stop thinking why she did not tell Franco about Gabriel’s plans. She just wanted to protect Gabriel.

Ikaw Lamang September 22 Episode Summary: Truth will Break Lose

The next day, Franco told Natalia that he is interested to know Gabriel more. Natalia seemed to really have fallen head over heels for Gabriel. Lupe found out about Gabriel going to Natalia’s party. She confronted her son and he told her he wanted to do revenge. Nobody could stop him now. She was heart broken to see him full of hatred and she felt that she had failed being a mother to him.

Gabriel went to his condo and found Franco’s guards near the vicinity. He told Natalia about it and she could not believe it.

Franco met Jacq and and told her that he met Gabriel. She told him that he is not close with him. She did not tell him about Gabriel’s plans. Meanwhile, Isabelle dreams to have her daughter back again. Gabriel saw them talking and he knew she is in danger. He thought that he should not love her anymore to save her.

Franco told Natalia about Gabriel’s true identity. Would Natalia have a change of heart about Gabriel? Would Jacq still lie to protect Gabriel? Would Gabriel let go of his love for Jacq and still continue his revenge despite knowing everybody would get hurt? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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