While Jacq was taking care of Gabriel, Natalia came to also take care of him. She questioned Jacq’s presence with a sharp stare. Gabriel appreciated Natalia’s presence right in front of Jacq. Natalia said that she wanted to cook for him and suggested Jacq to leave and stay away from her suitor.

Jacq’s parents told Isabelle how proud and thankful they were of their daughter. They were happy to have Jacq and then Isabelle cried.

Meanwhile, Natalia tried to cook but failed to make some soup. Cindy suggested to throw the salty soup and have something delivered. Jacq suggested to just add water and potatoes. She said that it is not useless. Natalia said that useless things should not be used anymore. Jacq said that sometimes, hopeless things could be unknowingly valuable. Natalia seemed to secretly ponder about this word of wisdom.

Fates Will Get Close on ABS-CBN's  Ikaw Lamang September 8 Episode

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Gabriel appreciated the soup Jacq tried to salvage but he did not know about it. Jacq said Natalia was really fit with Gabriel because she was perfect. The rich girl needed to go home and urge Jacq to do so too. Natalia could not help but raise her eyebrows at Jacq.
Unfortunately, Jacq forgot her wallet and opted to go back, Natalia wanted to go with her but Cindy pulled her away.

Jacq found her wallet and stole glances at Gab. He asked her to stay with him for the night. Her parents urged her to just come home. She still stayed with him, telling her heart not to fall inlove. The next day, Gabriel woke Jacq, feeling better. She insisted to go home, and he thanked her. Jacq’s parents scolded her, but also asked about Gabriel.

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Natalia was still decided to visit Gabriel. She told Tessa that she can decide for herself if she needed to get away from him.

Natalia’s ex saw the girls who were the reason why she broke their wedding. He is determined to find out who wanted to break them apart and wanted revenge.

Samuel anonymously told Natalia to ask her father about the sinking ship 20 years ago. Franco got angry and wanted to always guard Natalia. He plans to revenge by finding Samuel’s son.

Would Jacq finally admit her feelings to Gabriel? Would Natalia finally acknowledge her jealousy? Would she finally realized that she already loves Gabriel? Who would have Gabriel’s love? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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