Gabriel visited Natalia in her shop. She was so angry she hit him a couple of times because she was hurt that he did not came in their meeting place to elope. He asked for apology and told her he did not want to hide their relationship anymore. He said that if he wont be forgiven, then he won’t meet her anymore. She realized that he was right and eloping is not an answer. She said she loves him so much and she will forgive everything wrong that he would do. She asked him to meet her dad on her birthday party. She is so excited to introduce him personally to her dad because she is so sure that he loves her too much.

Gabriel decided to meet Franco, but Calixto told him that he must not be alone in the birthday party. Gabriel has confidence because he has the heart of the beloved princess. Calixto then decided to introduce Gabriel to their new boss and benefactor. Meanwhile, Samuel decided to support Gabriel in any way he could. He finally met Gabriel and though he did not introduce himself as his father, he promised to help Gabriel. Gabriel was suspicious but Calixto vouched for Samuel.

Ikaw Lamang September 19 Episode Summary: The Face Off

Gabriel opened up his plan to secretly get inside Franco’s office to get some evidence against the senator. Samuel told him that he would help since Franco must stop his evil ways. Gabriel said that their boss came at the right time for their revenge but Samuel told him that he wished he could have been earlier.

Natalia was woken up by Tessa and Franco with a cake for her birthday. He promised to be in his good behavior when he meets Gabriel.

Isabelle anonymously left a gift for Natalia but her daughter just gave it away upon seeing it. She loves her daughter so much but she still could not reveal herself.

Natalia reminded Gabriel about her party. She was apprehensive since Franco seemed to hate Gabriel even though they haven’t met yet. Gabriel went into the with confidence and with his captivating smile, he shocked Franco beyond his wits. Gab pretended that he has no idea who Franco is. Natalia left them to talk so Franco confronted him. Gab professed his love for Natalia.

Was Franco shaken by seeing Samuel’s younger face again in Gabriel? Would Jacq stay away from Gabriel or fight for their love? Would Natalia fight for her love and unleash her wrath against Jacq? Would Samuel Find ways to bring down Franco? What wobvuld Isabelle do if Franco gets more close with Jacq? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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