Natalia thought that her confession to Gab did not seem to make her happy. Gabriel said he is more than happy. Suddenly, Jacq texted him and he needed to leave. Natalia expressed her jealousy, so he promised to make up for it. She seemed to wait for their first kiss, but got disappointed.

Gab came to Jacq’s house. She came out in a red satin dress and he seemed pleased that he even was speechless, but he said that she the dress did not fit her well, as well as her makeup. He even said that her personality does not fit the girly image she was imposing. She got irritated, wiped off her make up and then shooed him away. He was surprised because of her sudden change of mood. He apologized but she walked out on him.

Jacq felt bad about Gab’s comment. She thought that she should not have had a make over. Then, Natalia’s ex suddenly came up and asked Jacq to duplicate his keys. He told Jacq about how pretty she was in her dress. He seemed to have a brewing plan against Gabriel by using Jacq.

Heart will Let Go on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 10 Episode

Gabriel was trying hard to push away Jacq’s images in his mind. He knew he is falling for her, but his plans are his priorities. He told Calixto that he is now in a relationship with Natalia. He can now proceed to his next step. Calixto reminded him not to let go of Natalia.

Gab came back to see Jacq. She could not help but show her anger and hurt. It was the first time she dressed up like that and Gab only made fun of her. Natalia insisted to hide their relationship, but asked him to stay away from Jacq. She said Jacq annoys her and he seemed hurt by this comment. She promised herself not to forgive him. To give back the diary that she took, she asked to see Natalia herself. She told Natalia that she was not seeing Gab anymore.

Unfortunately, Natalia had a plan in mind. She called Gab to meet her, but he did not know that Jacq would also be there. Jacq did not know that he would also come. Jacq was shocked to see Gabriel and know that they were in a relationship. With a shaky voice, she congratulated them and then walked away.

Would Samuel finally be in touch with his son? What would Franco do if he meets Jacq? Would Natalia be able to stop her jealousy? Would Gabriel still go with his plan despite crushing his heart? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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