ABS-CBN Teleserye: Ikaw Lamang August 7, 2014 Episode Summary: A couple then saw Nathalia and brought her to the nearest barangay hall. And since Franco was influential, he was able to know that his daughter was brought to the barangay hall. Samuel and Isabelle were able to know also that Nathalia was brought to the barangay hall that is why they rushed to find her. Both Franco and Isabelle with Samuel were now rushing to find Nathalia.

Samuel and Isabelle were the ones who arrived first at the barangay hall and they asked the officials to give them the child. The officials refused to let go of the child that is why they tried to fight. They succeeded in fighting the officials and were able to escape with Nathalia with them. When Franco and his bodyguards arrived to the barangay hall, Franco was furious and called everyone in the barangay useless. He then rushed to find them.

ABS-CBN Teleserye: Ikaw Lamang August 7, 2014 Episode Summary #ILTheChase
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On the other hand, while a police car was patrolling in the street, Gonzalo and Rebecca were seen by them and were captured. They were then tied and brought to Franco. When they met, Franco was furious and he asked them to tell him where his family was and the two were not able to give information, in fact, they said that even if they will kill them, they will not tell any information. This made Franco punch Gonzalo on the stomach. Gonzalo pointed a gun furiously to Rebecca and Rebecca shouted “kill me” but Gonzalo was able to control himself and was not able to pull the trigger when Rebecca told him that he will not be able to see them again since they were onboard a ship to Manila.

Franco then asked some police to go to the ship and search for them and Isabelle and Samuel noticed that the police were coming. Gonzalo and Rebecca tried to escape by freeing themselves from being tied. When they successfully freed themselves from being tied, Franco and his group arrived and they were captured again. Franco then decided to bring them to the ship also so that they will all meet together.

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