Ikaw Lamang Teleserye Episode Summary as of August 8, 2014 The Blast: The suspense continues with Ikaw Lamang August 8 episode. Yesterday, Franco captured Gonzalo and Rebecca and brought them to the ship where Samuel, Isabella and the rest of their family boarded. Now the commotion continues.

The episode started with Gabriel talking to her father and Natalia talking to her mother. Natalia was so angry with her mother and she told her “I want to go home!” This prompted Natalia to get out of the cabin and ran to the crowd. While running, Natalia saw her father Franco arrived. Franco carried Natalia and Isabella was surprised with what she saw.

Summary Episode of Ikaw Lamang August 8, 2014 'The Blast'

Isabelle tried to fight Franco in order to get Natalia from him but she failed. Instead, Franco told Isabella that he will kill her parents if she will not go with him together with their child. There was drama inside the ship as Franco was emotional saying that he loved them so dearly and he did not want everything to end like that.

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Franco then counted 1 to 10. His condition was when Isabella will not go with him after counting 1 to 10, he will kill her parents. This made Isabella troubled since he wanted her parents arrive. So when the counting came to 9, she was able to shout that she wanted to go with Franco just for the sake of her parents. Her parents were saddened with what happened.

Samuel arrived and he punched Franco on the face. He then got Isabella with her but Natalia was with Franco. While they were parting, Isabella was shouting “I love you Natailia, I will go back for you!” Natalia was crying “Mommy, Mommy!”

The next scene was Franco and his body guards went out of the ship and left the family there but a bomb was mounted on the ship that will explode after 20 seconds.

While Isabelle was talking to Samuel and sank in thinking of her daughter, her father told her that Franco will not hurt Natalia because he loved her very much. Isabella was still bothered since she knew Franco will not let her go that easy. Suddenly, the bomb exploded.

The people panicked inside the ship as they tried to find their way out in order to escape and be alive. Gabriel departed with Samuel who was screaming that time. Samuel fell to the water and found Isabella there floating with a vessel to support her and Samuel. Isabella then let go of her grasp of the vessel and went underwater. What happened to Isabelle is still a mystery. Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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