You might be familiar with MyHarto Youtube page, and if you are not, here is a video coming from the owner giving us tips on how to ask if a girl is gay. Well, this is hilarious.

The setting is an interview between two girls I suppose the one facing the camera is the one who is interviewing and the one with her back on the camera is the one being interviewed. On the facial expression of the one who is interviewing, we can see that she is trying to convince the other person to admit that she is gay. The questions are leading to the answers that the one who is interviewing would like to hear. The thing is, and this makes me laugh, the one who is interviewing asked several times if the other girl is a gay.

Watch a Video About Asking if a Girl is Gay by MyHarto

This is something creative from the Youtube sensations who have been partners in so many videos. This one is short but it has a concept worth watching. And thinking about asking if a girl is gay is not that easy. You have to be sure not to trample his feelings or else, you know what will happen next. The video itself has shown the best way to ask that question to a girl and imagine, during an interview.

Watch a Video About Asking if a Girl is Gay by MyHarto Below

This video has gone viral and it has reached more than 200K views since its first appearance on Youtube. The commentators of the video appreciated the efforts of the maker since the concept is brilliant. If you would like to see some more videos from them and learn a lot, you can browse through their uploaded videos or it would be better if you are going to subscribe to them. Share the video to your friends and make them feel better. The video is worth sharing!

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