This dog has something that other dogs don’t have. Imagine a dog braking when instructed to. This is the bizarre thing about this dog. Well, according to the owner it can do a lot of things. The thing is this dog is intelligent and the video is the evidence.

When you go online, especially in Youtube, you will get to see a lot of videos to watch that are so interesting. If you are into animal videos, you will see dogs that sing, cats that swim, etc. It only shows that animals are also capable of making people happy. And with regards to this one, personally, I was amazed, to the fact that I want to have a dog just like her. And if that happens, I will not waste any single moment playing with her on the lawn, of course that is exaggerated of me.

Watch Stella’s Dog Brakes on the Grass on Viral Video

The video has went viral and it has been shared online. right now, it has more than 4 million and 5 hundred thousand views and that is quite impressive for a video of 36 seconds. The dog has become an instant celebrity after her exposure.

We do not know what is happening in the mind of the dog, but for sure the dog can do a lot of things that others cannot. Videos such as Stella’s Dog Brakes on the Grass are stress relievers. If you are tired and you simply would like to be entertained to smile for a while, you can watch videos such as this. Props to the owner of the dog that raised her well. The dog is somehow sophisticated. More and more people will watch the video on Youtube for sure. And since it was shared in social networking sites, it will increase in visitors more in the near future.

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