Star Cinema’s new movie, Maria Leonora Teresa is not a comeback movie of Guy and Pip’s team up, but rather a horror- thriller about dolls. The movie now has a bone chilling teaser that is circulating in social media sites.

While Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III had a pretty life size doll to symbolize their love team, the dolls in the upcoming movie symbolizes the three dead children of three parents played by Zanjoe Marudo, Iza Calzado and Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria.

According to the teaser, the children died of a traffic accident while on a field trip. After the tragedy, the parents had been in distress for missing their kids. They then each received a life sized doll from an expert to help alleviated their sadness. Then, horrific events started to make their lives miserable. The doll could walk, talk and do things on its own. Imagine waking up with a doll staring at your face.

Watch Star Cinema’s new movie Maria Leonora Teresa Full Movie Trailer Review

It is said that this is Director Wenn V. Derama’s first horror movie. According to him, he, himself, and the staff thought it was a horror with a touch of comedy, butt soon, after reading the script, they realized it was actually a horror-thriller. The director even admitted that he needed to find a companion to sleep with because he read it before going to bed.

The script was originally written for Jodi Sta. Maria, Kris Aquino and Eugene Domingo. Due to conflicts with schedules, it was changed.

Dolls are pretty, but when they move on their own, then that is another story. Maria Leonora Teresa will be in theaters on September 17. Be sure to watch it with someone you can easily grab onto.

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