Mice are generally cute. Well, this is true, unless you abhor this kind of animal. I watched this video and at first, I thought it was scripted, but then to my amazement, it is true. When the door was closed, a mouse came and then stayed in front of it. I suspect there was a hidden video. The bell was there just left of the door. What the mouse did was he rang the bell to catch the attention of someone inside the room, or what might it be.

The door did not open the first time the mouse rang the bell so it rang again, the second time, this time, louder than the first one and waited for the door to open. Still not effective, the mouse did a third ringing of the bell, louder than the second and then patiently waited for the door to open. Footsteps came from the inside and the door opened. It was the time when the mouse was able to get in. The door closed after the mouse come in. This is amazing!

Watch How a Mouse Asked to Open the Door on Viral Video

This is probably the cutest mouse related video I’ve ever watched in Youtube. The thing is it is not edited or made with flash or any software related to making moving images. I believe that there is a mind conditioning on the mouse and it was trained to do that particular act of ringing the bell. The mouse was clever.

The video reminds me that animals can also be domesticated. Well, we have seen a lot of people make wild animals their pets, weird is they are allowed to stay inside the house. This is a good example of what I am talking about. And I suppose that you, after reading this, will adopt a mouse, kidding!

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