The Youtube sensations Harmish and Andy once again starred in their own show as they travelled in an Amazon tribe for Harmish to experience what they called “the worst pain known to man.” The thing was Harmish’s hand was put in a pair of glove with bullet ants that gave him an excruciating pain. The bullet ants were able to release toxins that caused Harmish to feel not just a normal pain, as what I have said, it was excruciating.

Harmish felt instantly the pain upon putting his hands on the gloves as he shouted and was not able to keep his cool in front of the tribesmen instead he asked “what would I do?” He was then advised to dance to release the pain. Harmish then danced with the tribesmen but it did not lessen the pain.

Watch Harmish and Andy Experienced The Worst Pain Known to Man at Amazon Tribe Bullet Ant Gloves

On the video, “the six stages of sting pain” were introduced and they were as follows: shrieking, refusal to dance, screaming/swearing, sweating, shaking and biting stick request. Harmish has been trying to endure the pain for an hour and he still didn’t know what to do, instead, one of his companions poured water on his hands only to ease the pain but to no avail.

He sat on the ground and started shaking again and by that, the narrator of the video said that it was the worst pain that man could ever experience for there was nothing they can do to help him. So, to avoid any bad circumstances to happen, Harmish was brought to the nearest hospital for medication. They rode a boat and left the Amazon village. When they arrived at the nearest hospital, Harmish was able to take a photograph with his sore hands along with Andy. Harmish was able to take a deep breath and rest well when he found himself lying in a hospital bed.

Would you dare to try to Experienced The Worst Pain Known to Man at Amazon Tribe?

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