Gen. Santos City: This is another miracle that happened about a two-weeks old Baby Alive After Sent to Morgue. The thing is a baby that was sent to morgue went back to life again after a police officer heard a cry coming from the inside. He then brought the baby to the hospital. The child was then considered as “miracle baby” because of what happened. It was after 15 hours that the baby was found out to be alive.

The mother of the baby was emotional when she said that it was already the second chance of the baby to live again. The baby’s name is Aldrin and he was 2 weeks old. It was the mother of the baby who brought him to the morgue for belief that he already died when suddenly a news came to the mother that the baby was alive.

Catherine Alcala, the mother of baby Aldrin was very happy and she wished that the baby will continue to become well. She was also happy that the baby was not embalmed yet. It was July 20 when they brought the baby to a private hospital. The doctor said that the baby didn’t have heartbeat already. The baby was revived but the doctor said that he did not proclaim the baby to be dead.

The grandfather  of Aldrin said that they think of practicality already since their hospital bill raised up to 100,000 already. Right now, the baby’s condition is getting better who was brought to a public hospital. We do hope and pray that the baby’s condition will continue to become well up to the time when he will be able to get out of the hospital and live the life that was given to him once again. Let us pray for baby Aldrin always. God is moving in different ways. God bless Baby Aldrin Alive After Sent to Morgue on Trending News.

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