Oblivious of the ongoing football match between Barcelona and Elche, a black cat suddenly zoomed around the Camp Nou Stadium on August 24,2014. It looked like a cat that nobody wanted to mess with, since its face, evidently showed it wanted no cuddling.

The game was the La Liga’s first match for FC Barcelona. The stadium’s interest shifted in unison from the game to the eye catching cat that had a contrasting color against the green grass in the field. While it would annoy people if somebody would interrupt a game by running wildly in the field with no good reason, laughers and amusement of the players, coaches, commentators, and spectators filled the stadium as a field officer chased around the out-of-place cat. Soon it slowed down to a stop, giving a chance to an officer to catch the feline and let it go down the corner hall. The commentator even said that they don’t need a rat catcher, but a cat catcher. Though the hilarious incident held the game for a minute, it did not delay the game.

Video of Black Cat Zoomed Around the Camp Nou Stadium During Football Match of Barcelona vs Elche

There is a saying that black cats bring bad luck. If this is true, then it successfully cursed Elche when they lost 3-0 or it could be just because of  Lionel Messi’s great passes and good tactics in breaking their defense leading to openings for the goal. Elchi evidently tried their best to defend their post, but to no avail. Barcelona’s next game would be on September 1, Monday against Villareal.

The innocent cat became the start of  the many creative cat-based jokes on the names of the famous players such as Catiano Ronaldo and Lionel Moewssi.

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