Cartoons are fun to watch. The fact is that I’ve been watching some Cartoon Network shows when I was still a kid and until now, I still resort to them whenever I want to escape the real world, just ambling on this kind of world. We often read and hear lots of negative effects on the lifestyle of the kids that cartoon shows might offer, but this time, let me also tackle the positives.

1. Cartoon shows can give them a healthy heart. The smiles. The laughter. The silent cries. These are just some of the things that they might experience being kids when they watch cartoon shows. Do not worry about these things because they are able to help kids have healthy hearts.
Three Positive Effects of Cartoons to the Kids

2. Cartoons can improve their creativity and artistic ability.
Let us not forget that the ones who created these cartoon shows are artists by nature. And because of that, their artistic ability is passed on to the kids and that is depicted through their drawings on their notebooks.

3. Cartoons can make them brave and optimistic. There are so many heroes in the cartoon shows and thus, they become parts of the lives of kids. We have to admit it that these heroes have in one way or another influenced them in order to become brave and optimistic in their lives.

What cartoon shows have you watched? You might have the kind of experience that you cannot forget and right now, it’s about time to turn on that television and watch cartoons. You will be able to reflect with your life also.

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