We have read so many articles and write-ups about Steve Jobs– the genius behind every Apple technology. There are so many writers who have featured this great man who pioneered the Apple Company and have made a great change and impact on the way Apple should be dealing with the world and the market. With so many Apple products, Steve is really the man!

Here are the things I personally learned from him:

Be patient: The company may have waited for so long in order to come up with those magic gadgets and without a great amount of patience, it is impossible to come up with great results. Steve Jobs have shows such patience as he waited for the results to materialize.

The Legacy of the Genius Behind Every Apple Technology named Steve Jobs

Be creative: Look the Apple iphone, ipad, tablet, ipod and many products. A brilliant mind can do them. Without the rich imagination and creativity of the man behind such products, they will not be in existence. Steve Jobs had creative minds richer than the ordinary.

Be hard working: He may have experienced being tired of doing so many things but still, he continued and never stopped. His hard work taught me to go through the challenge of creating something very meaningful and helpful to others.

I may not have the kind of thinking and creativity equal to his but I have mine to improve. His inspiration still lives in my heart though he departed on this earth already, his life is still present in the face of the gadgets and applications we are enjoying right now through Apple products.

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