For an amount of P1,250 for every two hours, you can now enroll and study at the Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP) which is new in the country. The location of the school is Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and is good for those who would like to have new adventures and experiences. This is a very rare school in the country and for those who would like to try something new, this is probably the answer to their dreams.

For beginner, intermediate and advanced students, classes are offered six days a week. And for those who just happened to be in the school and would like to try a new experience, the school offers walk-in. This kind of school is becoming popular nowadays around the world since there are so many schools that have already opened.

Enrolling in this kind of course is so challenging. Make sure that you don’t fear height so that you will be able to enjoy doing the activities. This is also crucial and critical since the life of the student is on the line and he or she has to pass the challenge.

There are so many celebrities before who joined trapeze school. In fact, during the MTV Video Music Awards performance of Pink, she included trapeze. According to the two celebrities, this is a good alternative for weight lifting.

If you are conscious with your health and you want to have a good built, you can enroll to The First Flying Trapeze School in the Philippines. Well, it may be costly but if you can afford, why not. The thing is it can help you improve in many ways aside from your physical built. More to come from this school, and right now, it is good to try going to school for a changed perspective.

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