The people’s most awaited comeback of Isabelle’s character has arrived on Ikaw Lamang episode as of August 25. It turned out that two women found her and took her to the hospital, but it seems that she could not remember anything in her past. Though she seemed to have amnesia, she could feel something missing in her heart. When a friend suggested that she should find herself, she said she did not know where to start and decided to go to Manila.

Meanwhile, Franco was getting paranoid about the prank caller that made the bomb threat in the previous episode. He was quite sure it was Samuel. Samuel was hiding with his old friends and laments on his family while Franco was convinced that Isabelle is with Samuel.

Ikaw Lamang August 25, 2014 Summary: The Comeback of Isabelle Acted by Amy Austria

Gabriel decided to make his next move by asking Natalia out on a date. While Natalia made it clear that she might not able to make it, he promised to wait however long it takes. This made her risk getting away from her father’s body guards just to meet him.

At the same time, Jacqueline was being teased by her friend about Samuel. Her mom then pointed out that Gabriel is too good looking and that she should be careful with her heart, but for Jacque, her ideal love is like her parent’s love for each other and she dreams to meet “the one”. She then realized that Gabriel left the keys he ordered and decided to call him unknowingly that he was on a date.

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Gabriel asked Natalia to be his girlfriend, but she felt undecided since her father’s opinion is important for her. He kept pushing into her the idea of independence from her father. Franco got angry that Natalia escaped. He knew that though he hadn’t met Gabriel yet, Gab is a bad influence. He forbid Natalia to meet Gabriel. This preceded to a fight between the father and daughter.

Since Franco is looking for the prank caller, Gabriel agreed with Calixto to stay in a condo for a while so Franco won’t see him.

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Then, Jacque decided to take the keys to Gabriel’s condo. Would she also give him the ‘key’ to her heart? Would Gabriel let the sparks he feels get in the way of his plans? Would Natalia catch Jacque hiding in Gabriel’s showers? Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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