In every teleserye, there will always be scenes that people cannot forget especially if the story line is good. Well, with ABS-CBN’s Ikaw Lamang, there are so many scenes that are unforgettable and a certain hashtag is linked in each and they are as follows: #IkawLamangSecretsRevealed, #ILLastWords, #IkawLamangTheFutureHeir, #IkawLamangBackfire, #ILPayback, #IkawLamangTheAftermath, #IkawLamangBitterSweetUnion, #IkawLamangTheScandal, #ILTheBlast, and #IkawLamangEverAfter.

Since Ikaw Lamang was able to etch something in the heart of the people, the second book is undoubtedly patronized by them. The thing is there is a change of characters on the second book and things are becoming more and more challenging especially on the part of the actors and actresses on a particular role. If you loved the scenes on the first book, you will surely love also what the second book has to offer.

The 10 Most Memorable Scenes of Ikaw Lamang: The Successful and Unforgettable Twist

The reason why a certain scene becomes trending is because of its characteristics. People who love watching telenovelas are looking for fresh ideas and unpredictable ending. One of the factors that made Ikaw Lamang successful and unforgettable is the twist in the drama. There are instances when we are able to predict the outcome of a particular drama but Ikaw Lamang is something different for it is hard to predict the outcome of the drama.

The ten most memorable or unforgettable scenes in Ikaw Lamang is a reminder that we, Filipinos are capable of telenovelas with good storylines and catching to the audience. On the second book of Ikaw Lamang, it is much easier for the younger generation to relate themselves to the scenes because some of them happen also in real life.

With regards to the second book, we still cannot pinpoint which among them is the most memorable and we surely have a lot of option scenes as you go along with the story. Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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