The scene opens on Franco loudly obsessing over getting Isabelle back, in front of Tessa. There was no proof that she was alive, but nothing would stop him from making his family whole again. Tessa was threatened by this. She could feel that Franco never loved her with his whole heart. Nobody knew that Isabelle finally arrived in Manila to start searching for her past.

Gabriel came back to Jacq to have her make more keys. He asked her to deliver the keys in his condo since he won’t be staying home for a while. Jacq told him that he looked pissed and she said that he didn’t even looked like in love with someone. She said that being in love should make people smile, happy, seem to have flowery surrounding instead, Gabriel looked like he was in hell. He condemned Jacq’s ideal since she had never fallen in love herself.

Ikaw Lamang August 26, 2014 Episode Summary: Trapped in a Situation

Natalia kept on waiting for her phone to ring. She kept denying on whose call she was waiting for. Finally, Cindy made her admit that she missed Gabriel. She told him that she needed more time, but she can’t even think anymore.

Jack went to Gabriel’s condo to deliver the keys, but he forgot that she is coming. While he was cooking, she arrived with amusement on her face. She was amazed that Gabriel was able to make himself a meal. She kept on talking about this stuff, oblivious of his annoyance. He turned to her sharply and they had their faces inches apart. She presumed that she was invited to eat. After eating, he tried to kick her out, but she had stomach ache so she insisted on using his bathroom. Right at this moment, Natalia arrives and suspected that he was with someone else since the table was set for two. He denied this and then Jacq screamed because she was surprised by pressure of water from the bidet. Natalia got angry by his obvious lie, so she walked out.

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When she got home, she said sorry to her dad and asked him if she could stay in Salvacion. She was tired of people letting her down. Franco said that she can trust only him.The next day, Samuel went to her house, he found out that she went back to their province.

Meanwhile, Samuel decided to go back to Manila to find out what happened to his family. Natalia didn't even know that she passed by Samuel, Franco’s archenemy and Gabriel’s father.

Jacq was desperate to pay her debts, would she help Gabriel to get Natalia back for the sake of money? She thought Gabriel was looking for love, would she find love in him instead?Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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