The summary of Hawak Kamay August 25 episode: The scene opens with the kids playing ‘luksong tinik’. CK seemed happy that Emong lost in the game. Meanwhile, Atty. Bianca was teased by CK’s mom about Gin. Bianca used to use excuses not to go out on a date except that day, she was willing to risk going out with Gin who is artistic and easy to be with. Bianca said that she knew better than to fall in love with him. She knows that he is just being a good friend and his heart belongs to someone else.

Bianca’s ex saw his receptionist talking to her ex husband and he asked why would she do that. She said that parents would do anything for their children and thus, he might have the idea that he could get close to Bianca through Lorry.

Hawak Kamay August 25,2014 Summary: The Return of the Past

At school, Lorry’s project got broken. Emong volunteered to fix it for her. The next day, he took out the small house to let it dry, but the neighbor mistook it as trash. When he went out to check it, it was gone. He ran after the garbage truck and climbed it to retrieve the house. Lorry came over to get it, but Emong got self conscious with his look and smell. She did not mind and put her arm around him. She was grateful. Her project was awarded the best in class, so she decided to buy him a coin bank as a gift. CK seemed to feel out of place in the group and realized the Emong might have a crush on Lorry.

Dara finally met Lyca’s character ‘Linette’. She sells sampaguita, because she was an orphan and her grandmother can’t work anymore. They quickly became friends.

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Gin was nervous to meet the singer of his composition. The management would not allow him to know who she is until the launching. He asked Bianca to watch him record the song. She told him that she knew he still can’t get over Meann and it was sweet that he doesn’t give up on the people he loves. Gin invited her to the Meet and Greet. He, dressed up with navy long sleeves and maong pants, got surprised to see Bianca in her tight lavender dress.

Meann is also ready to meet Gin again as his singer. What would happen when she comes back into his life again? Would she play a villain or heroine?

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