The near end of the ABS-CBN Primetime Bida “Ikaw Lamang” is full of action, suspense and drama. On the August 6 episode of the drama series, Samuel and Isabelle together with the kids were being chased by Franco. There was chasing with a car and it lasted up to the moment when Isabelle and Samuel were able to escape Franco.

This has made Franco really mad and because he was influential in his place due to the fact that he was the Governor, he prompted the police to see to it that Samuel and Isabelle will not be able to exit Salvacion. Isabel and Samuelle’s plan was to go to Manila and start to live a new life again and also to save Isabelle from her grave condition in the hands of the governor. All exit points were closed there was even a shoot to k**l order with Samuel Hidalgo.

Summarized Ikaw Lamang August 6, 2014 Episode The Near End

One of the climax of the episode was when the car wherein Samuel, Isabelle and the children were able to stay inside the car compartment at the back and the police were about to open it for checkpoint. Because of Gonzalo’s hoax information where Samuel and Isabelle were, the police drove their attention off of the car compartment and diverted their attention to the call only to find out that there was none on the place where they went.

Franco turned more furious and called the police “dumb.” He then gathered media to speak about the abduction of his family and that Samuel was a bad person. He asked for help to the people and willing to pay P1M for the person who could give him a hint of where Samuel was.

On the other hand, Natalia won’t eat. Isabelle turned emotional over what was happening with them. Samuel and Isabelle talked about their situation. Samuel expressed his happiness towards his reuniting with Isabelle who was able to escape Franco. Isabelle tried to explain to Natalia that her plans were for her good and Natalia did not accept it, instead, she accused Samuel of taking her mother away from her father.

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Isabel was afraid that her efforts will go to nothing. They recalled the times when they were still kids and Samuel wanted to become a teacher and Isabelle’s desire was the fixing of her family’s problem. They hugged each other and the thing was Natalia saw what they were doing. It is intriguing now regarding what will happen tomorrow on Ikaw Lamang Episode because of what Natalia saw.  Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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