Spam Link Alert: Another Spam Link was spotted circulating on Facebook Message captions "In this video belong to you, Click for watch video'. This message would be sent by one of your Facebook friends is infected with virus video link on Facebook.

Do not click on the link. If you happen to receive a message via Facebook asking you to click on a link to watch an apparent video of yourself which is not true.

The message has been circulated to many Facebook users in the Philippines and other countries via their Facebook Inbox or Messenger since Monday. This catchy trick had in fact tricked many users into believing that the video is really meant for them, and eventually clicking on the dangerous link that will spread also on their Facebook friends’ inbox without authorization.

If you clicked the virus video link you will be redirected to the fake Facebook phishing website and you'll ask to install an add-on on your browser and the spread of the same virus video link continues with your Facebook account.

See the image of the sample of Virus Video message on Facebook Messenger below.

Stop Facebook Spam Virus Message 'In this video belong to you, Click for watch video': Do not Click!

You will redirected on the sample shown below if you happen to click the message.

If you happen to be infected with this virus, here's how to removed it

Previously, there was a so called 'CHANGE FACEBOOK THEME COLOR! spam link last month. Once clicked, the fake app leads users to a phishing website with a video tutorial about how to change the Facebook profile color. By following the steps on the said video, the hackers will now have access to Facebook users and letting the app spam their friends too.

This was the latest scam targeting members of the world’s largest social network, Internet security experts warned everyone to be vigilant about this spam link. Do not click on the link. Be vigilant and avoid this type spam link on Facebook. Stop Facebook Spam Virus Message 'In this video belong to you, Click for watch video': Do not Click!

The best thing to do with this type of spam links or false information, is to report as spam link on Facebook to avoid being a victim of hacking or misusing of your Facebook personal account information (if the said link is used to gather information of Facebook users who click the link). Inform your friends about this link and protect their accounts.

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