Natalia seemed paced out. Cindy told her that Gab came to see her. She seemed to miss him. Gab and Jacq had only one room to sleep in. She wanted to explore Cebu since it is her first time there, but Gab was hesitant at first. They toured Cebu together and shared meals. He could not help but stare at her and smile. They went to some shops and tried out some outfits while joking around. While buying ‘pasalubongs’ for her family, but suddenly, they lost each other. Unfortunately, she had less than 10 pesos in her pocket. Then, she met some strangers who maliciously grabbed her., luckily, Gab saw her in time and saved her.

Jacq prayed earnestly for her safety against Gab. He looked at her fiercely and he leaned closer to her. She started praying again.

Teleserye Ikaw Lamang August 28, 2014 Episode Summary: Sisters Cross Paths

Jacq’s parents were nervous about Jacq knowing the truth. Her father assured her that nobody would remember Jacq. She thought he would kiss her but he just took her blankets and laid on the floor. She thanked him for saving her. She wondered if he really loves Natalia since he never mentioned her name all day. He said not all important things must be said. She then said that she hopes her ‘the one’ would also go anywhere just to follow her. She admired Gab for going after Natalia. He fell asleep while she was talking.

The next day, he woke her by pulling her leg. He did not give her time to take a shower.
Soon, they arrived in Salvacion, which Jacq called ‘Salvation’. He got annoyed and corrected her. She noticed that he seemed not in the good mood for a guy to is about to meet his love.

He was surpired to know that Natalia is rich. She wanted him to quickly knock since she wanted to pee but when Cindy opened the door she would not let them in.

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She used her charm on Cindy to get in the mansion. He looked around the mansion and thought about how Franco admitted his crimes to him.

Jacq got lost around the house. She accidentally found Isabelle’s diary, which talks about passionate love for Samuel, and got very interested in it, so she secretly took it when Cindy found her.

His memories of losing his family came back. He remembered that after the tragedy, he had to search the trash cans just to get some food.

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Isabelle was looking for a house to live in. She did not know what to do. She wondered about her life if only this did not happen to her. Her friend assured her that they will find answers together.

Samuel was back in manila. He is still hopeful to find his son. He went to a lawyer for a consultation. He said that all his properties were gone. The lawyer suggested to file a case.

Natalia finally saw Jacq. Would they feel the connection? Would Jacq be able to fight the budding love she might be having for Gab? Would Gab be successful in his plans of revenge? Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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