This is the cutest video I’ve ever watched about a brother and sister. The thing is Sadie is emotional over her brother whom she doesn’t want to grow up and the reason is that he’s so cute. Tears were falling from her eyes as she expressed her emotion over the boy. Well, I have learned a lot of things here and let me just show you my insights.

Babies when still young are generally cute but things change when they grow up. This is probably the reason why Sadie doesn’t want her brother to grow up. She probably has seen a lot of old people who are not cute anymore unlike when they were babies. Her innocence is something that makes the video awesome – very unique and entertaining.

Sadie Cried Saying She Doesn’t Want Her Brother to Grow Up on Viral Video

From the beginning up to the end of the video Sadie Cried Saying She Doesn’t Want Her Brother to Grow Up  uploaded by Alex Miller, Sadie was crying and it is evident that she liked her brother so much. She even kissed her brother on the head while repeatedly saying that she doesn’t want him to grow up. 

Another thing that made the video cute was the statement of Sadie saying that she doesn’t want to die when she is already 100 years old. The baby looked at her and smiled and she kissed the boy again. Sadie said you are so cute I love your cute little smiles.”

The video was enjoyed by the commentators on Youtube as it reached more than 18,700,000 likes already and still counting. Well, this is a good video to show to your loved ones and friends whom you would like to bring good vibes. I remember there was this one commentator on the video, who suddenly missed her daughter. There are so many surprising videos in Youtube that you need to watch like this.

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