To further understand what is being discussed in this article, you have to know first the background of CMA which means Classical Mental Arithmetic. With this program, higher learning capacity is developed that would result to: Promotion of mental arithmetic, Enhancement of memory, Boosting of creativity, and Increase in focus using the principle of Abacus.

With the achievement of this, we can say that a person will have an advanced intellectual ability.CMA started in Taiwan in 1984 with the focus on twohand abacus mental arithmetic. The founder of CMA is Master Tai Chiang Ching. CMA is dedicated to giving the best training and services on a certain person. When we look at today’s generation, this is the fastest growing mental arithmetic training. The main goal of CMA is to bring out the “genius” nature of every child.

Unique Training for Kids: By merely watching the Youtube videos of the students who were given a task to solve a lot of numbers added, multiplied, etc., we can see that the students are trained in a different manner. The movements of the fingers and the like, the gestures etc. are evident. It means to say that CMA has something to offer for the kids. Honestly, I would like to undergo this kind of training but my age suggests, leave it to the kids. By studying in this school, a kid will find a lot of advantages.

The kids of CMA impressed a lot of people with their prompt answers to mathematical problems. This is something that we should not take for granted. As early as 5, 6, 7 etc. in age, the kids are able to add a lot of numbers without looking at anything and with time pressure. This is truly amazing! Well, I’m reminded of the young geniuses in the news who were able to solve the square root of any number.

Events and Competitions: One thing that I liked the most in terms of CMA is the events and competitions set by the school are the joining of events and competitions. One’s morale will increase along with self-confidence. The latest event was held by CMA International Online Competitions that is dedicated to promote the services and products in terms of competitions. The event took place on July 1 - 31, 2014. It is really good to study in here. Here's CMA official website.

What if those Manila Math Wizard Street Kids studied on Classical Mental Arithmetic? If you don't know yet, Watch the first Manila Math Wizard Kid’s Video that Went Viral and Watch Two More Math Wizard Kids Spotted on Manila namely Joel and Archie here.

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