The driver of the SUV who was caught on a video pointing gun to a taxi driver lately was already identified. The thing is, the authorities have set deadlines on the driver to show himself or else he will be charged.

QCPD Station 7 went back to Primex Development Corporation for a second request to identify the driver of the SUV who pointed gun to a taxi driver but the only person who received the letter that was addressed to the president of the company was the security guard. The president of the company is Mr. Ernesto Ang.

Since a company car is involved in the issue, the company should cooperate in solving it. And if this will not materialize, the charges and complaints will be on the company for malicious mischief, grave threat and physical injuries.

Primex Dev. CORP Might Face Charges for Its SUV Driver’s Alleged Gun-toting

According to the Station Commander of QCPD Station 7 P/Supt Ramon Pranada, they are only asking for a very simple thing. They know the driver but and they have to say who he is. The name driver was identified which was confirmed also by the taxi driver based on the photos that were shown to him but it is not released yet while waiting for the filing of charges. The driver said that he could not forget the face of the driver since he looked at him in the eye for a long time.

According to the authority, the SUV driver should show himself in order to hear his version of the incident since the statements of the taxi driver were the ones that were taken.

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