This is another sensational issue and it has something to do with the “power couple” Sebastian Castro, who is a Youtube sensation and Ryan Chua, who is an ABS-CBN reporter. The two have announced to the public about their relationship and became honest with their sexuality.

In the interview by Boyet Dalisay, they explained about their experiences since they came out of their shell and told the world of they are. We can still remember that an official photo of Ryan and Sebastian giving the world a hint of their relationship.

Screen Grabbed from Moovz Actual Video of Interview
Chua explained about his relationship and gender that even when he was still a reporter, he assumed that everyone knows, but still no one knows.  He added that it was not easy to say that he is “gay” because of the expectations on him being a reporter.

Post by Moovz.

Chua said that he wanted to prove the people wrong of their perceptions towards him and he will also prove that there was still a job waiting for him. Sebastian said that the president of ABS-CBN Charo Santos was telling Ryan “I can’t wait to see you back” and that was according to Sebastian was a big statement.

On the part of Chua, he said that he was excited to be back not only for the reason that he wanted to go back to what he was previously doing but also to prove the people wrong on their claims that it is impossible for him to go back to his job. Sebastian said that what they were thinking about Ryan is a morbid thought.

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