Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 9, 2014: At the start of the Pinoy Big Brother All In August 9, 2014 episode, Big Brother talked to Joshua. And it has something to do with the big attack that will happen inside the house. Big Brother instructed Joshua that when an alarm will be heard and they will be given a chance to fix the candles again, they will only have 1 minute.

The task that Big Brother was talking about was attacking the remaining housemates’ cake with water balloons. The housemates on the bodega enjoyed the activity as they fired the cake of the remaining housemates. They were able to laugh while doing the task since they can see the housemates from within.

The Big Brother house was covered with mystery with unusual sounds heard by the housemates like a voice of a girl, a whisper and others. Because of this, the housemates were terrified and woke up from their sleeps at night.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 9, 2014 #PBBALLOUTAttack

Big Brother invited a paranormal expert to investigate about what the housemates were hearing. The housemates told Big Brother about their experiences inside and the things that they heard about. The paranormal expert explained that there were several elements inside the PBB house and they have been there for a long time. When the paranormal expert talked to the housemates, he said that the voice of the girl that they heard was April who lived in 1800 and the boy was Jimboy who was running. They both were connected to depression. The paranormal expert then said that it has something to do with what they were feeling inside the house and they should not feel that way because that will invite a lot of elements inside the PBB house.

The housemates then were given a chance to practice for their next task. The housemates will have to catapult a ball and hit a standing figure of a housemate. Each of them was given a chance to practice before the final performance.

Before that, the housemates on the bodega were given a task that will increase their number of balls. Jane won the task and she will be given three more balls for the task. The thing is the housemates should see to it that they will hit something inside but it should not be their own figure. Things were getting tougher inside the PBB house and the bodega housemates were trying their best to be included in the Big 4 by given a chance to go back to the house again.

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