Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 8, 2014: Prevously, Manolo and Daniel, Jane Oineza and Vickie Rushton has been evicted on  #PBBHarapangEviction and 100days task. Tonight we will see how Manolo attacks the'Big Cake' task of housemates, how's Fifth returns to Kuya's house and Ranty attacks the'Big Cake' task of housemates.

The tension of the housemates is increasing now that they have reached the 100th day inside the PBB house. And the action continues as they tried to protect the giant cake with candles from the attack of the housemates from the bodega.

The first one from the bodega housemates who was able to enter was Manolo. Manolo did a furious attack on the housemates as they protect the candles. Manolo was unstoppable during his performance and when Big Brother asked him about his strategy, Manolo said that he was not the kind of chill housemate anymore. Loisa cried after Manolo’s putting off the lights. He was distinguished by Joshua but they were not sure. Manolo put off a total of 82 candles.
Pinoy Big Brother Update: PBB All In Episode August 8, 2014

The next one who entered was Jane. When she entered, she noticed that there was no person inside except for Fifth. Because of this, she attacked but the housemates suddenly arrived. Jane did her best to put off many lights. Jane was recognized by Loisa and she kept on saying “I know her.” In the end, after her time, she was hugged by the housemates especially Joshua. Jane was able to put off 42 candle lights.

The third one who entered the PBB House was Vickie and by the time she entered the PBB house she was easily recognized because of her manner of walking. Vickie talked to the housemates while doing the task and she explained to Big Brother that it was her strategy to distract the housemates and after that she will be attacking. Vickie put off 26 candle lights and she admitted to Big Brother that she is not a physical type.

Watch the Preview on how PBB: Manolo attacks the'Big Cake' task of housemates below.

The last one who entered the PBB House was Daniel. The remaining housemates were nervous that Daniel will get in. When that time came, Daniel entered and he was recognized. He then said “I love you guys” giving the housemates a hard time protecting the candles. Daniel was able to put off 87 candles that made him the first one to go back to the PBB House. Before he left, he was able to hug everyone.

Watch the Previews on PBB: Fifth returns to Kuya's house below

On the latter part of the episode, a mini reunion by the former housemate happened in order for them to give surprises to the remaining housemates inside the PBB House.

Watch Preview How PBB: Ranty attacks the'Big Cake' task of housemates below.

What do you think might happen tomorrow since the three bodega housemates were given a chance to once again be included in the PBB House through a challenging task.

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